Apple iphone 3G Problems


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The Trouble With Google Mobile Browser

Apple Iphone Problems


The apple iphone 3G is a piece of eye candy. Its swift
touch interface is incredible and complete guineas. Using your fingers to
perform different functions like zoom in on a photo, move to the next photo
etc is great and ofcourse its created by apple so you know there is supreme
quality. Having an mp3 player that is also a mobile phone is brilliant but
has anyone actually done their homework before making that very expensive
purchase decision? Probably not seeing how many people are greatly
disappointed at the lack of mms picture messaging. There will be no more
sending photo messages to friends and family with the apple iphone 3g
because well…they didn’t think to include that feature. What kind of
modern day cell phone lacks the ability to send picture messages? Especially
disappointing that this is coming from apple, the company that prides itself
on quality and has supreme popularity over the mp3 and mp4 video player


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