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Mobile Phone Cell Mobile Computing

August 5, 2008

Mobile Phone Cell Mobile
Computing Information


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Mobile phones or cell phones are a huge
part of everyday life in many countries. As is mobile computing. Mobile
phones can be basic or advanced depending on the needs of the owner. Cell
phones have advanced very quickly over the last several years leaving the
industry worth billions of dollars. Custom made third party applications
have been developed to make everyday communication and productivity
seamless and cheaper. So how does one choose the right mobile phone for
themselves with no experience with cell phones nor an understanding of the
advanced features that accompany them?

Trusting the advice of people experienced
in mobile phone workings is a must, especially when you cant afford to
make a mistake because of the price associated with the average cell phone. There is no such thing
as a perfect cell phone, no phone is equal. Gone are the days of simple calling and sms messaging.
Today’s consumers are more concerned with things like high definition gaming in
cell phone games.

Sony Ericsson W980i Mobile Phone

The following is a list of what the average person expects from their mobile phone.

– Mms picture or photo
messaging for sending pictures to friends and family

– High quality video recording and high
megapixel digital still camera’s

– Bluetooth for wireless connectivity for
transferring files to and from the phone from another handset or computer

Mp3 player capabilities

– Big memory cards such as sd, mini sd,
memory stick micro (M2), xd etc for holding large amounts of files. Such files
may include mp3’s, photos, video and ringtones etc.

– YouTube and blog
uploading capabilities

– Stereo speakers on the handset itself and
the ability to connect wirelessly to stereo wireless speakers via
bluetooth etc.

We bring you pictures of mobile phones as
well as specifications and problems faced by particular models from Nokia Sony
Ericsson LG Motorola and Samsung phones.

The trouble with the google mobile web browser

Google is the main search engine in the world,
so its not suprising that
google has invented a mobile phone version of their search engine.
Searching with google usually returns relevant results from the web and
navigation is easy and fast seeing that the whole google page loads in a
fraction of a second. When going to on your
mobile phone you have two options.
Option 1- view google in classic version like on your pc or option 2- view
google optimized for mobile phones. Using google mobile web browser when
optimized for mobile phones will try and shrink everything to the screen
trying to keep most things proportionate. Browsing is fast and really only
limited to your service providers network speed and congestion. Whats not fast
about the google mobile web browser is the lack of what the pc version has,
page navigation. What i mean here is the ability to jump to whatever page you want, ten at a time at the
bottom of the page. The mobile version of google
lacks the ability to skip pages you went through yesterday for example,
meaning that you will have to go through page by page until you get to the desired
results. Say you were looking up some information in google yesterday
and got to page 20, then you wanted to begin from page 20 today. Well you
would have to go through the results pages 1-20 one page at a time until your
brought to the pages you were after. This is not only time consuming but also
expensive seeing that you google will have to load all 20 pages of
information. Its not too bad on text, actually its quite light on the old wallet.
But when your searching through images, thats where the problem is. You’ve
gone through 20 pages of google mobile image results, even though they
are only small thumbnails its all adding up on your bill. Thats whats wrong
with google mobile phone version


Meboy Mobile Phone Emulator

Meboy emulator for mobile phones lets you play
backed up gameboy
original (black and white) and gameboy colour games (roms) on your cell phone.
roms are the games, when a console video game is ported to a pc then its
known as a rom. The games are taken off the cartridge or cd and stored in a
rom file. These rom files are then loaded into the emulator for that specific
games system and played. Emulators are not perfect but can usually be quite
accurate. Meboy is only in its early stages and a couple of versions have been
released. You load the meboy emulator onto your phone just like a java
game. The roms are downloaded off the internet and loaded into the meboy
builder file. Once in the builder file the roms are then all saved inside the
java file (.jar) and then transferred onto your phone and played like a
normal mobile phone java game or application. Keep in mind that in some
countries the roms are illegal if you dont own the original game and in other
countries they are illegal regardless of owning the original. You will
be able to enjoy classics like donkey kong, pacman and pokemon games.


Windows live mobile messenger

Windows live messenger or msn messenger has been
available for mobile phones for some time now. There are two types of
windows live messenger available, the web (wap) based version and the java
applications version.

The wap based version is a website you visit that works
as a online webpage based version of msn messenger and the application java
version is an actual file you download to your phone and install. I prefer
the java application version better because it doesnt cost as much on data
charges (depending on your service providers rates). What the web based
version does it constantly refresh the page which uses more data back and
forwards while the application woks much lighter because everything you need
is already on the phone. Windows live or msn mobile messenger is much
cheaper than sending sms messages because each message only uses a few bytes
to send a message. You should check out your service provider and ask them
if they know how much it will end up costing for you or at least check out
your wap charges. As with anything i remind you not to fall asleep with it
on in case your charges are expensive.

Apple iphone 3G Problems

The apple iphone 3G is a piece of eye candy. Its swift
touch interface is incredible and complete guineas. Using your fingers to
perform different functions like zoom in on a photo, move to the next photo
etc is great and ofcourse its created by apple so you know there is supreme
quality. Having an mp3 player that is also a mobile phone is brilliant but
has anyone actually done their homework before making that very expensive
purchase decision? Probably not seeing how many people are greatly
disappointed at the lack of mms picture messaging. There will be no more
sending photo messages to friends and family with the apple iphone 3g
because well…they didn’t think to include that feature. What kind of
modern day cell phone lacks the ability to send picture messages? Especially
disappointing that this is coming from apple, the company that prides itself
on quality and has supreme popularity over the mp3 and mp4 video player