The trouble with the google
mobile web browser


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The Trouble With Google Mobile Browser

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Google is the main search engine in the world,
so its not suprising that
google has invented a mobile phone version of their search engine.
Searching with google usually returns relevant results from the web and
navigation is easy and fast seeing that the whole google page loads in a
fraction of a second. When going to on your
mobile phone you have two options.
Option 1- view google in classic version like on your pc or option 2- view
google optimized for mobile phones. Using google mobile web browser when
optimized for mobile phones will try and shrink everything to the screen
trying to keep most things proportionate. Browsing is fast and really only
limited to your service providers network speed and congestion. Whats not fast
about the google mobile web browser is the lack of what the pc version has,
page navigation. What i mean here is the ability to jump to whatever page you want, ten at a time at the
bottom of the page. The mobile version of google
lacks the ability to skip pages you went through yesterday for example,
meaning that you will have to go through page by page until you get to the desired
results. Say you were looking up some information in google yesterday
and got to page 20, then you wanted to begin from page 20 today. Well you
would have to go through the results pages 1-20 one page at a time until your
brought to the pages you were after. This is not only time consuming but also
expensive seeing that you google will have to load all 20 pages of
information. Its not too bad on text, actually its quite light on the old wallet.
But when your searching through images, thats where the problem is. You’ve
gone through 20 pages of google mobile image results, even though they
are only small thumbnails its all adding up on your bill. Thats whats wrong
with google mobile phone version.


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